Introducing LumiSign – Media Message

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Here is an intriguing new automotive accessory that adds innovative illumination to any car or truck.

LumiSign is a uniquely-designed, battery-operated license plate frame lighting system that will put the brakes on boring lighting options that are on the market now.

LumiSign automatically lights up when the vehicle brakes and stays on for three seconds to illuminate any one of the colorful insert designs that are installed. If placed on the front license plate, LumiSign illuminates when the vehicle accelerates.

The product line will ultimately include hundreds of interchangeable inserts that slide into LumiSign with ease. Vehicle owners can customize inserts on or choose from hundreds of the pre-made inserts, all made in the USA.

LumiSign installs in just a few minutes, no wires required and is attached the same as a regular license plate frame, but with included anti-theft security screws. The patented LumiSign sports three brightness levels and has a weatherproof design.

LumiSign sells for $39.99-$59.99 depending on design and is available on Amazon – and at

A portion of each sale will benefit various charities depending on design. For example, the Breast Cancer Awareness design benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

We’d be happy to get you photos, a sample, or arrange an interview to help you with a feature.


Todd Brabender


LampChamp: it’s a light bulb, it’s a USB charging station

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LampChamp: it’s a light bulb, it’s a USB charging station
September 02, 2016/ Dennis Sellers

Many of us have multiple gadgets and devices, so it’s sometimes hard to keep ‘em all powered up. The LampChamp from Nemo Ventures helps alleviate the problem as you can use it to turn a lamp into a USB charging station for, say, an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It’s easy to use. You install it by simply removing an existing light bulb, screwing in the LampChamp, and replacing the bulb. Now you can use to power your smartphone, tablets, eReaders — heck, pretty much anything with a USB port.

The 2 AMP USB Charger stays on all the time, while an on/off switch controls let you power up or power down the light bulb.

Sure, the LampChamp is a one-trick pony, but when you’re lounging around the house and having problem finding a convenient outlet to charge your iDevice, it’s a pretty nifty trick.

The Incredible LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger

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New Tech Product Perfect For Any Home

As each and every generation continues to grow and progress, we learn and develop new things. One of them most developed things that’re progressing so quickly would be technology. There are many great developments that involve technology to this day. Have your ever wondered what it’s like to have a household based off tech itself? This is a question I ask myself frequently.

The tech that you choose to use in your house can be based on what you may need. Or it can even be just to try something new and incredible. The best technology always has multiple uses that can benefit you in more ways than one. In fact, I know of a great selection in home tech that you just may want to consider trying. It’s not every day that the perfect selection in high-quality tech is just given to you right? So with that being said, check out the information on the product selection I have for you below.

The Incredible LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger

Now there are indeed several ways for you to go about installing tech in your house. I believe that the LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger would be the perfect start.

New Tech Product Perfect For Any Home

With the LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger, you can transform any lamp into a USB charging station for multiple electronic devices! This is a 2 AMP USB Charger that will stay active at all times. As for the lightbulb, there is a special convenient On/Off switch that controls it. So worrying about whether the light will stay on or off will be the least of your problems. The LampChamp is easy to install, just remove the existing light bulb, screw the LampChamp in, then replace the bulb, it’s that simple!

New Tech Product Perfect For Any Home

The LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger has the ability to power and charge your mobile devices. It is able to charge devices including:

  • Cell Phones
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • E-Readers

The best part about a piece of tech like this is that you can even take it with you during your travels. With the help of this, you can turn a simple light source into a charging station for the family.

There is nothing wrong with getting special technology for your home that will benefit the family. Technology is a huge part of our world now, so getting a start isn’t such a bad idea. So with that being said, check out the information I have for you below.

Connect with Olens Technology: Site | Facebook | Twitter

Turn any Lamp into a USB Charging Station with LampChamp™

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Turn any Lamp into a USB Charging Station with LampChamp™

Turn any Lamp into a USB Charging Station with LampChamp™

That’s right, you can now charge any of your devices that require a USB directly through any lamp in your home.  Olens Technology is the place to get this newly released unique product.

Turn any Lamp into a USB Charging Station with LampChamp™

I love it when the children come to visit us.  We enjoy each other’s company tremendously, especially since we live quite a distance apart, and the visits are only once or twice a year.  It seems that when our tech savvy children come to visit, they bring all their devices with them.  I have no complaints whatsoever.  Their devices make their lives easier, more informed, and keeps them entertained along their trip.  Of course, at the end of the day, when it comes time to charge their devices, just about every electric receptacle in the house is used.  The devices that simply must be charged daily are their individual cell phones, since they have their phones in their pocket all their waking hours.

Like my children, I, too, must charge my cell phone daily.  However, I normally place it on the charger at night in our computer room.  The computer room isn’t that far from our bedroom; however, there have been occasions where I simply cannot hear the phone ring.  Thus, the possibility of missing an important phone call.  This has happened in the past when my husband was in the hospital and took a turn for the worst.  Well, I no longer have to miss any calls with the invention of the LampChamp™.


Olens Technology provided me with their LampChamp (2-PACK) The USB Lamp Socket Charger for the purpose of this review.  Thank you Olens Technology!


I love the idea of this product.  Now, I can charge my cell phone right in my bedroom, so I won’t have to miss any important phone calls.  Plus, the charger is small enough when I visit my children, I can simply pop this in my suitcase and still have power at my fingertips any time I want it throughout my stay.

While I did not have an LED bulb in my lamp at the time, the company recommends the use of LED bulbs with the LampChamp™.  LED bulbs emit less heat and use far less electricity than incandescent bulbs.  A 60W equivalent LED bulb only consumes 12W of electricity.  A 100W equivalent LED bulb only consumes 20W of electricity.  Additionally, the USB charging port will only work when the main power of your lamp is switched ON.


  • Turn any lamp into a USB charging station so you always have power at your fingertips;
  • The 2 AMP USB Charger stays on all the time and a convenient On/Off Switch controls the light bulb;
  • Installs in seconds;
  • LampChamp™ powers and charges phones, tablets, eReaders, anything with a USB;
  • Perfect whether you’re at home or traveling…get one for every lamp in your home.


  • Input:  100-240V AC, 50/60 HZ
  • Output:  5V DC, 2A
  • Base Interface:  E27
  • LED Bulb Wattage:  <60W

Now your favorite lamp can charge your favorite gadgets

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Now your favorite lamp can charge your favorite gadgets

College Dorm Set Up 101: There Will Just Never Be Enough Outlets

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College Dorm Set Up 101: There Will Just Never Be Enough Outlets

Lampchamp 1

(DGIwire) — Your oldest child is off to college. You’ve read the list of recommended purchases provided by the school. You’ve downloaded more lists online. You even took more lists from the four different stores where you shopped with your original lists, just to make sure your sweet firstborn doesn’t go without.

Here’s something that the lists won’t tell you: First, your baby won’t use HALF the items on the list (Mini-sewing kit? Iron? Please!). Second, no matter now many extension cords you bring, you’ll need more. Between TV’s, hairdryers, curling irons, floor lamps, desk lamps, decorative lights, laptop chargers, phone chargers, mini-fridges, fans, microwaves and coffee makers….there just aren’t enough spots to plug things in.

Review Loft recently received something called the “LampChamp” that is soon going to be a new dorm room staple. LampChamp turns any lamp into a USB Charging Station. Once less outlet needed! You could have one on your desk lamp and one on your floor lamp. No more excuses from the kid when they cry, “dead phone” and ignore your six consecutive phone calls.

It’s ridiculously easy to use. Simply replace your lamp bulb with the LampChamp, insert the bulb back into the LampChamp, plug your USB cord in and your ready to go! There’s a little switch on the device that will now be used to turn the light on but in either position your phone will still charge.

This comes to us from the innovative people at Olens Technology who also have some other neat things available on their website. You can purchase the LampChamp there at or on The cost is $19.99 for one but knowing how much they know you’ll love the product they sell two for $29.99. We’re sold.

Now if they could just invent something to make the kids remember to call home.

ReviewLoft accepted one complimentary LampChamp. We loved it so we wrote this review. No other goods or services were received.

LampChamp Summer Gift Guide

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Thank you Kyle Ward for including our LampChamp in the Rebates Zone Summer Gift Guide! Here’s a link to learn more about how to turn any lamp into a USB Charger:

LampChamp – The USB Lamp Socket Charger for Cellphones/Tablets/eReaders
Lamp Champ

Too often we have wanted the ability to charge our phones from the proximity of our bed. Come to think of it, smartphones are an extension of ourselves now and we shouldn’t have to part with them unless we really have not; not for something as simple and common as charging them. LampChamp is your savior in this mess. Now, you can use LampChamp to turn it into a USB charging station which gives you the ability to charge your devices in your proximity while also giving you a bulb for your lamp which you can choose to turn off without affecting its ability to charge.

Renny HOME Review by Kevin Raposo

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Renny HOME – Smartphone hub and cell phone ringer – Review

Kevin Raposo

Am I the only one who doesn’t like to have their phone blaring shrilling ringers every second of the day? I hope not. I get a lot of notifications in one day, so it’s only natural that I put my smartphone on vibrate. I mean, c’mon, I don’t want to be the guy whose phone sounds off “All the Single Ladies” during an important meeting or a visit with the folks.The only problem with always having your phone on vibrate or silent is that you’re constantly forced to pull out your phone. And in most cases when you do look at your phone, there’s always a missed call or text. It’s impossible to catch them all, even when you’re keeping a vigilant eye. It’s not like you can feel your phone vibrating when you’re washing the dishes or debating with your partner or roommate whose turn it is to take out the trash. I mean, c’mon, we’re only human.Luckily for us, there’s always a technological solution, and this one comes packed in a little neat design: The Renny Home.
Renny Home Ringer

When I was asked to review the Renny Home, I just figured it to be another one of those ringer systems you could find in any Walmart clearance bin. After getting my hands on one and messing around with it for a few weeks, I can now see why it’s the Rolls Royce of its class.

The Renny Home is an upgrade from its predecessor, the Renny Ringer. Essentially, at the end the end of the day, the Renny Home’s job is to keep consumers from missing important phone calls at home. This feature-packed little gadget gives you the feeling of having a home phone but without the added costs from a telephone company. Connect to the Renny Home via a bluetooth connection, place it in a centralized location, and never worry about missing a phone call again.

I got the chance to play with it for a couple of weeks and here’s what I think.


Renny Home Ringer

My first impression when unpacking the Renny Home from its packaging was that it was probably going to be difficult to sync with my phone. Now mind you, this is before I got a chance to look at the instructions or anything. Consider this as “judging a book by its cover.”

After a quick read of the instructions and letting the Renny charge for a couple of hours, I decided to “sync up.” It was actually surprisingly simple. Since it’s using bluetooth, it’s just a matter of connecting your phone with Renny, which can make any tech noob feel like a pro. I was able to sync two phones in under 60 seconds. Seriously, it was that easy.

The Quick Test:


After syncing up with the Renny, I figured I would give it a quick test by playing some music. When I hit play, the music seamlessly started flowing. My immediate reaction was the quality of sound coming from this little speaker. It was good!

So naturally, being the music buff that I am, I was hypnotized and started playing a plethora of music genres, testing this speaker in every way I could. I was literally trying to find something wrong. The more I tried, the more I convinced myself that this was by far one of the best portable speakers I’ve tested.

To make sure it wasn’t my imagination, I had my girlfriend come and check out the speaker for herself. She shared the same reaction, even going further to mention that she was impressed that the sound traveled and carried throughout the house on a low volume setting.

So it seems I’m not the only one on this.

My everyday life with the Renny Home

Renny Ringer

Remember when I mentioned earlier that I like to keep my phone on vibrate? Well, I do it because I don’t want to annoy my fellow humans by having my phone initiate a death siren every time someone favorites my tweet or likes one of my Facebook posts. I do it for you people.

So one of my concerns in reviewing the Renny Home was that even with my phone on vibrate, the Renny Home would just make things annoying.

I was wrong.

Turns out, you can place it on a setting where it just rings whenever your phone rings, and that’s it. However, you have to sacrifice the music player when this setting is turned on.

Keeping Renny in a central location is key. I kept right in the middle of my apartment, this way I could hear it ring from any room. Another reason this is clutch is whenever your phone rings, instead of panicking and looking all over the house for your phone, you can just answer the call right on Renny, regardless of where your phone is.

Coming from someone who can never find his phone when he really needs it, you can imagine I used this feature a lot.


Renny Home Ringer Speaker

I really like it. Although I reverted back to my old ways by keeping my phone on vibrate and silent from any notifications, whether it be from my phone or Renny, I still use it as a music speaker for my phone. It’s to the point where I’m using Renny every day for this feature alone.

Again, I’m floored by the sound quality that this little speaker packs, which is something that is rarely mentioned in any of Renny’s advertising.

Would I recommend it? I sure would, and for the price of $139, you can’t go wrong. Plus, during the holidays, this would make a great gift!