Design Your Custom LumiSign

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1- Is your customization page defined as homepage?
2- Is your customization page defined as one of woocommerce pages?
3- Does the product you are trying to customize exists and is published in your shop?
4- Are you accessing this page from one of the product designer buttons?


STEP 1: Click on “TEXT” below.

STEP 2: Enter top text, select “Font”, “Size” & “Style (Color)”, then click “Add” (Tip:  Use ALL CAPS)

STEP 3: Move text to the Top Insert area, then adjust by enlarging or stretching if desired

STEP 4: Repeat Steps 2-3 for Bottom Insert area, then ADD TO CART.

Note:  The Insert color can not be changed here.  There are 4 to choose from but you must select the appropriate product – black, white, yellow, or grey background. Display is an approximate preview. Text formatting will be perfected and positioned correctly during production.