Dual Port USB Car Adapter & Rapid Charger for Cell Phone / Tablets / eReaders / Renny Handsfree Ringer


Use this dual port rapid car adapter to charge your Renny or up to two smartphones in the car. Allows you to use your Renny ORIGINAL or Renny HOME in any car as a portable Bluetooth hands-free speakerphone without any wires or installation.

Also Compatible with:
Olens FUSER Sound Mixer
Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, 5/5S, 4/4S
Apple iPads
Apple iPods
Samsung Galaxy S5/S4
Tablets and Android Devices

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Weight .2 lbs

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  • Rentenna – Renny External Antenna (Optional)


    Rentenna – Renny External Antenna (Optional)


    Renny ORIGINAL™ and Renny JR.™ have an incredible range, however if you need to extend the range even further through perhaps multiple walls or stories, this optional Rentenna external antenna attaches to Renny for that extra range “boost”.  PLEASE NOTE: This product is for the Renny ORIGINAL and Renny JR. models only. The Renny HOME model comes with an advanced Rentenna and does not work with this product.

    Rentenna External Antenna Specifications:
    2.4G Terminal Antenna
    Frequency Range (MHz): 2400-2500
    Bandwidth (MHz): 100
    Input Impendence (Ω): 50
    V.S.W.R: ≤1.7
    Gain (dBi): 5
    Polarization Type: Vertical
    Power Capacity (w): 50
    Antenna Length (mm): D12*193mm
    Rediator: Cuprum
    Connect Type: SMA
    Working Temp (C): -40 – 85
    Radome Color: Black
    Weight (g): 11.5

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  • Renny HOME – The Smart Home Phone & Ringer


    Renny HOME – The Smart Home Phone & Ringer


    Watch the video:

    Renny is a free home phone alternative & smartphone ringer that works with your existing cellular service, so you can use your cell phone AS your home phone.1 You will Never Miss Another Call, even if your cell phone is on silent, vibrate, upstairs, or in the car in your garage.2 Renny automatically connects to one or two smartphones wirelessly when within 200 feet (without using a landline, home phone system or internet service).3 Lost your phone around the house? No problem… Renny can help you find it by turning on your phone’s alarm.4 Start saving money today with Renny.


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