KN95 Face Mask with 5-Layers of Filters for Protection against Dust, Pollen, Pollution | Reusable | Adjustable Nose Clip (5 PACK)


EFFECTIVE: These reusable protective masks have a 0.3micron particulate filtration and have 5 layers of protection, applicable to PM2.5 haze/dust/pollen protection. They can be used for exhalation protection of particulates (fine powder and particles suck as powder, pollen and air pollution/exhaust without volatile glasses).*

CONVENIENT: Each mask has an external adjustable nose clip for comfort. Great for airplanes and public places.

FIVE LAYER PROTECTION: 1. 100% Polypropylene 2. 50% Polypropylene / 50% polyethylene 3. 100% Polypropylene 4. 100% Polypropylene 5. 100% Polypropylene

INCLUDES: Five (5) Reusable Masks*
* Replace mask if damaged, contaminated, or if airflow is blocked or compromised. These masks are non-medical and cannot be used for the protection and filtration of poisonous gases and steam, and cannot be used in environments without oxygen. These are non-medical masks and do not cure any disease.

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