Olens Pillow Safe – Privacy & Security Pillow with Hidden Pocket for Gun / Weapon / Pepper Spray / Wallet / Jewelry / Toy / Anything Valuable You Need Close While You Sleep (Jewelry Bag Included)


  • Use as a decorative pillow on your bed while you sleep for extremely fast access to your gun, weapon, or valuables which are stored safely inside
  • Perfect for college dorm room safety to store mace, blow horn, or protect valuables and jewelry from theft
  • The patented leather compartment within The Pillow Safe can hold anything from a flashlight and items needed in an emergency to jewelry, passports and other valuables. (FREE 5×7 Black Felt Jewelry Bag Included.)
  • The Pillow Safe features a custom rolled poly fill that allows your hidden items inside to go unnoticed when used as a pillow
  • The Cotton Finish Exterior makes it washable and helps retain its shape. In addition, the inner pocket will not stain or wear out. WARNING: Does not lock (by design) in order to give you quick access when needed. Do not store a loaded gun inside if children are present. ***Ships in a vacuumed Poly Bag. Not in retail packaging.***

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The pillow works simply. A patent leather compartment within the Pillow Safe can hold anything from a flashlight and items needed in an emergency, to jewelry, passports, and other valuables. The pillow’s compartment also provides quick access should you need to retrieve them. The hidden compartment is secured by powerful magnets that snap the closure shut automatically. Soft Touch Brushed Polyester Cover. Secret compartment to safely hold your valuables. Best place to hide objects within the home. A personal pillow that is useful as a secret safe.