Renny JR. – The Smartphone Ringer for your Home (REFURBISHED)

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  • Renny JR. is a stand-alone smartphone ringer for your home that gives you the convenience of a home phone without the monthly fees by automatically connecting to your mobile phone wirelessly when within 150 feet* (without using a landline, home phone system or internet service).
  • You will never miss a phone call again, even if your phone is on silent, vibrate, upstairs, or in the car in your garage!
  • Renny JR. allows you to select from 5 loud built-in ringtones**, notifies you of text and email notifications, and streams music from your smartphone with its powerful loudspeaker.
  • Go ahead… get rid of that expensive landline and stay connected to family and friends in confidence with Renny JR.
  • If you want a basic LOUD external ringer for 1 smartphone with the ability to stream music, this is it.

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Renny JR. Smartphone Ringer for your Home

The Renny JR.™ Smartphone Ringer for your Home is a free home phone alternative & smartphone ringer that works with your existing cellular service, so you can use your cell phone as your home phone.* You will Never Miss Another Call, even if your cell phone is on silent, vibrate, upstairs, or in the car in your garage.* Renny automatically connects to your smartphone wirelessly when within 150 feet (without using a landline, internet or home phone system) and LOUDLY notifies you of calls, texts & emails.*  Your smartphone’s best friend has arrived!

Who Needs Renny?

  • Renny benefits anyone who wants to save money by getting rid of their landline while confidently staying connected to family and friends with just their cell phone.  You can’t get rid of your cell phone, right?  So make it your only phone bill, and don’t pay a penny more for anything else.
  • Renny benefits anyone who has already gotten rid of their landline but is now missing calls, texts or emails to their cell phone when at home because it is on silent, vibrate, upstairs, or just out of reach somewhere else.


  • Renny benefits anyone who is Hearing Impaired and elderly people who need a loud notification for calls, texts and emails.  Cell phones are getting thinner, and it’s getting harder and harder to hear the ringtones on their smaller built in speakers. Renny solves this problem of quiet ringtones with its powerful loudspeaker to keep you connected to the outside world.


  • Renny benefits professionals who are on call and need to be loudly notified of calls, texts and emails. Get an urgent text, email, or phone call in the middle of the night and make sure you hear it, with Renny JR.

How is Renny Different?

  • Unlike VoIP phones that have monthly fees and require high speed internet to work, Renny doesn’t use any extra equipment to work, and doesn’t use WIFI or telephone jacks.  Renny works with your existing cellular service, so it’s free to use after initial purchase.


  • Renny is the only product in the market with Intelligent Call Routing, meaning Renny works quietly in the background unobtrusively until needed. (For example, Renny does not “steal” a call when you answer it on your cell phone.)


  • Renny is always on & working and has an incredible range. It automatically connects wirelessly to 1 cell phone when within 150 Feet, ensuring you’ve got coverage throughout your entire house.



  • Unlike other solutions that connect your cell phone to an existing home phone system or landline, Renny also notifies you of texts and emails in addition to phone calls, loud and clear.

*  1. After initial purchase, Renny JR. is free. No monthly fees. Compatible with cell phones & tablets. Some functions may not be supported depending on your device and/or application.  2. Renny should not be relied upon in emergency situations. 3. The introduction of objects and/or walls between Renny & the connected phone(s) can significantly reduce the range.  4. With iPhones, Renny JR. mimics the phone’s ringtone.  With Android phones, Renny JR. uses one of the built-in selectable ringtones.  5. After initial pairing via Bluetooth, one cell phone can be connected to Renny JR. at a time. If you are not 100% satisfied with Renny, return it for a full refund.  Start saving money today with Renny JR.!  (If you want even more features, please check out the other Renny models:  Renny ORIGINAL & Renny HOME.)